SORGA artisan Bali chocolate begins with harvesting only the sweetest and pure white cacao fruits.These are carefully selected and placed into sealed drums that are brought to our heavenly fermentery.


The fruit pulp and beans are placed in wooden bins lined with banana leaves. Wild Bali yeasts on the leaves marry the cacao fruit pulp starting the fermentation.

Within 5 days of tending with loving care, the beans emerge radiating the sweetness of the fruit.



After several days the beans are sun dried with precision and matured for months in a climate controlled storeroom.


When the flavor is full, the beans are winnowed, roasted and ground into a Most chocolate makers grind their chocolate for days to achieve smooth texture and uniform taste. We mix SORGA for less than 19 hours, the minimum required for smooth texture. By reducing the mixing time the multi-dimensional flavors and aliveness of our chocolate that people love are preserved.


After mixing comes tempering and pouring into molds or shaping by hand. Very few chocolate makers anywhere in the world supervise and control all phases of chocolate making as SORGA does.
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