Andy's Story

Andy Koller is a Swiss Artisan Chocolate maker with a passion for all aspects of the chocolate making process.

January and February 2017 Andy stayed nearby the SORGA Bali Chocolate atelier and applied his skills to elevating SORGA to world class artisan chocolate standards. Here's what he writes about his experience:

"To work on such a small tropical island is an interesting task of itself. One doesn't have all the nice tools, infrastructure and easy supply chain that chocolate makers have when operating from a main continent.

"And it's not a bad thing, it just makes one more creative. I worked with the Sorga Team for a couple of months. We tried to refine all the production steps and also we worked out a great recipe that really reflects the true character of Sorga Chocolate. Now, here I want to explain a bit of what that means to me. I personally do not like or strive for a chocolate that is the most balanced one so it can find the most possible customers to like it. I believe a great chocolate has a certain character. It stands for where the beans come from, with what kind of flavour, the fermentation and whole process afterwards.

"The process of chocolate making should support the characteristics of a certain place and region. In the case of SORGA this is Bali. The heritage mix is pretty sure quite various and they contain a nice potential fruitiness. To bring out that fruitiness and balance it with a nice chocolatey wholesome taste was what we strived for. After these weeks of hard and intense work focusing on this, I believe we made it happen. SORGA is a chocolate that reflects the character of Bali.

"I believe that SORGA will surprise many friends and guests coming to east Bali and experience first hand what the local people here create with their local ingredients.

"If you find yourself being in Bali, don't miss out on this opportunity and try out some SORGA chocolate. The SORGA Team and I always like to hear what people, knowledgeable about chocolate or not, think of the new chocolate we created. "Enjoy your SORGA Bali Chocolate!"

~ Andreas Koller

The Sorga Chocolate Team

The heavenly SORGA Chocolate team all have deep connections to the earth and art from generations of farming and artisan families.

Our 9 member team extends beyond our chocolate atelier in Jasri; from the farmers of Bali to our chocolate lovers worldwide.

Wayan Suwita (in the plaid shirt) a successful Balinese entrepreneur living in Amlapura, the capital of Karangasem, east Bali. Established Bali Chocolate in 2011 with a beginning team from nearby Jasri, a seaside village of farmers, fishermen, blacksmiths, potters, soap makers and surfers.

Made Rutana (next to Wayan), whose family has cacao plantations in Manggis, east Bali, joined the team as manager in 2012 bringing new dimensions to the teams potential.
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